28 Jun 2023

New fund available to researchers for monitoring equipment

New fund available to researchers for monitoring equipment

Diabetes New Zealand Research Foundation is proud to collaborate with Diabetes New Zealand (DNZ) in a number of ways including promotion of a new fund for researchers just announced.

Update 7 November 2023: Please note that funding has now concluded.

Diabetes New Zealand (DNZ) is pleased to advise it has funds available to support the purchase of monitoring equipment for individuals with diabetes.  This funding has been made possible by a generous bequest to DNZ from the Estate of Jean Murray.

Diabetes New Zealand is prepared to support clinical researchers who are undertaking (or plan to undertake) a research project approved through a formal peer-reviewed scientific process, and who want additional funding for the purchase of monitoring equipment for individuals with diabetes.  Funding is only available for the monitoring equipment component of the research project

The total sum held in the fund is in the order of $45,000.  It is anticipated that three grants may be made, up to the value of $15,000 each (GST exclusive). Funding for an amount greater than $15,000 may be considered for exceptional projects, especially those that have a strong equity and advocacy component to them.  Please apply with a brief letter of intent addressed to DNZ’s Chief Executive Heather Verry (heather@diabetesnz.org.nz).  DNZ reserves the right to decline an application.

There is no closing date and applicants should note the funds are limited to the amount of the bequest although if applications for funding exceed the available funds, then DNZ will consult with NZSSD (New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes) about the relative merits of each application.

The letter of intent should include the following:

1.     A short paragraph providing a lay overview of the project that the monitoring equipment will support.

2.     Information confirming the project has already undergone formal scientific peer review.

3.     Details about the host institution and also likely timelines.

4.     An indication of Ethics processes-to-date, plus information about whether the monitoring equipment will require an Ethics amendment or similar.

5.     Details about the monitoring equipment being sought, including number of units and total cost and assurance that equipment is available (‘in stock’).

6.     Full contact details of the principal applicant

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