Case Study

The gold standard of research

Diabetes research: Assessment of the Dynamic Insulin Secretion and Sensitivity Test (DISST) Pre and Post Gastric bypass Surgery

Resistance to insulin is a fundamental part of the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes. To understand the effects of treatments, like gastric bypass surgery, on insulin sensitivity, requires precise and accurate tools to measure it.

In 2010, Dr John Wilson undertook research to test a new method of measuring insulin sensitivity in people before and after gastric bypass surgery, to see how this compared to the gold standard method. This important study was partly funded by DNZRF, who provided Dr Wilson with a one-year research fellowship.

The new method tested by Dr Wilson gave very similar results to the gold standard before gastric bypass surgery but was less well correlated after surgery. This revealed useful information about how gastric bypass surgery improves glucose metabolism. The research has since been published in an international journal.

Dr Wilson went on to complete his Masters and currently works as an endocrinologist in Wellington. He has provided senior medical advice and support to Diabetes New Zealand for over 10 years.