Case Study

The truth about intermittent fasting and type 2 diabetes

New Zealand research published in well-regarded international medical journal.

Intermittent fasting has become a popular diet trend, but how safe is it for people living with diabetes? University of Otago, Wellington PhD student Dr Brian Corley set out to test and explore the role of an intermittent fasting approach to weight loss in people with type 2 diabetes.

In 2015, Dr Corley received a grant from DNZRF to fund a one-year salary to assist with his clinical research. A key focus of his research was to assess the safety of intermittent fasting in people with type 2 diabetes at risk of hypoglycaemia.

Dr Corley’s research found that it was safe for people with type 2 diabetes to follow an intermittent fasting diet with a protocol to reduce medications to avoid hypoglycaemia. The study has been published in international journal, Diabetic Medicine, and cited widely in literature.

Since completing his PhD, Dr Corley has gone on to work as an endocrinologist in Wellington. He continues to use the knowledge he gained from his funded research in his work and ongoing research activity.